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To Blend or not to Blend…there is no question!

By Vickie Boshnack

When it comes to educating a classroom of students, according to their developmental and cognitive levels, the typical classroom teacher must figure out a way to meet the expanse of students’ learning needs. Some teachers will teach to the middle with the hope that somehow, in some way, the outliers eventually get what they need. Other teachers may organize instructional groupings, trying to match like minds and abilities while attempting to touch base with each group for an adequate time allotment per day, or perhaps every other day. No matter what, there is always the possibility and, realistically, the probability that on a daily basis one or two students, and maybe more, didn’t learn what they needed to learn for that subject period, for that day and / or for that week. Blended Learning is changing all that, at our school, by demonstrating its positively powerful ability to assist teachers in meeting their students’ diverse learning levels of development and knowledge.

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